Residential Dumpster Rental

Are you at crossroads and debating whether getting a residential dumpster is a good idea? It is easy to assume that roll-off dumpsters are for large-scale construction sites only—given the shape and size of these containers—and not residential construction jobs.

However, we encourage you to lease a residential bin for debris on your property from a seasoned and experienced roll-off rental. 

KDR Dumpster Rental is a family-run business that understands the needs of construction and demolition projects in a home. We provide residential dumpsters that match your residential garbage needs from private family homes and condominiums to HOA.

Whether you are fixing a ‘50s home or installing a new pool, we offer residential dumpsters for any size job.

First, our containers are unique in that they have extra space if you have to deal with excess debris. Also, you talk of residential dumpster options, which is what we have here at KDR Dumpster Rental.

Additionally, we have dumpsters in all sizes. So, whether you need the most minuscule, medium, or large residential dumpster, you can bank on us to drop it off at your front door. 

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Residential-Friendly Dumpster Containers

Remember, our containers are not typical containers that create dents on driveways; we supply residential-friendly dumpsters. Additionally, these containers are a breeze to load and have a rear walk indoors so you can organize your debris for maximum space use. 

Here at KDR Dumpster Rental, we have your interests first. We provide residential dumpster rental options to any location in the Detroit Metro area. Also, we consider the structural design of your project and provide a perfect size to accommodate all the debris and fit the available placement space.

Finally, schedule your flat-rate residential roll-aways online or give us a call for assistance. KDR team is friendly and personable. 

What are the best residential dumpster sizes you should consider?

When you consider the structural designs and the various residential projects, it goes to say that several residential dumpster size options are indispensable. 

From small bathroom or attic remodels to complete home renovations, there are endless residential project possibilities. With that said, we have unique designs and sizes for private home projects. 

The best residential dumpster will depend highly on the scale of the work you have at hand. First, we have open-top canisters ranging from ten, 15, 20, 30 to 40 cubic yard dumpsters. Also, we the leading residential dumpster rental with rubber wheel trailers which are the best choice for residential jobs. Finally, these trailers are available in five, eight, ten, 15, 20, and 30 cubic yard trailers.

We maintain our inventory in excellent conditions and always are at your disposal. Whatever residential project you are working on, we can’t wait to haul the debris. 

Dos and Don’ts of a residential dumpster rental in Michigan

  • Plan a placement area for a residential dumpster. Our residential dumpster can maneuver any residential space. You only have to plan and ensure no debris, trees, or other vehicles blocking access to the bin.
  • Don’t overload your roll-off canister. In whatever you do, do not put excess construction or demolition debris into your residential junk bin. Follow the standard tonnage terms from your local rental.
  • Steer clear of hazardous debris. Discuss with us ahead of time if you have dangerous residential waste so that we can give your the best cause of action. 
  • Do return your residential roll-off on time. Rental extension is billable, so unless if you still have more debris to load up, call for a pick before the end of your rental period. KDR rental offers flexible solutions so you can call in to extend your residential dumpster use.

Get a residential rental quote for your project.

Are you ready to renovate your newly-bought home? KDR Dumpster Rental is standing by to make sure that you create your dream home in less time.