Livonia Basement Renovation Tips

Easy Livonia Basement Renovation Ideas

Does your basement need an upgrade? Or maybe you need to finish up your basement, redesign, or discard the clutter? The basement room is a perfect spot to set up your home office, kids’ play area, laundry room, guest room, or anything in between. According to Small Business, a basement renovation can bring you up to 75% of your renovation investment. That means a basement room is more than your man cave or teenager’s bedroom; you can scoop more money when you want to sell your property.  But there is one thing; renovating a basement in Livonia comes with its fair share of challenges. Below are Livonia basement renovation tips to help you navigate the dusty process of transforming your basement.

1. Review your goals for the basement first.

Before you start clearing your dark and musty room, it is crucial to look into basement renovation ideas and visualize the end goal of your project. There are endless basement renovation ideas to guide you through creating your dream basement space. Ask yourself what you want to use the area for before you call contractors for quotes.

Do you want to remodel it into a home gym?—thanks to social distancing order. Are you looking to use your basement as a workshop, home office, guest bedroom, wine cellar, or perhaps a gaming room? Going over your needs will give a starting point to renovating your basement in Livonia.

Remember to create a space that you can quickly transform into something new in the future. 

2. Create your Livonia basement renovation plan.

Once you have a distinct concept of your basement needs, you can create a plan for your basement renovation. From the ceiling, walls, windows to the floors, there is a lot to handle when remodeling your basement. Create a plan for materials logistics, budget, and your contractors. You give your contractors a call to get your basement remodeling quote. It is best to check out several different remodelers to get a competitive rate. 

If you are doing a DIY basement renovation, remember to create a list of complex fixtures that need a professional contractor to install electrical wiring, water, and gas pipes. 

Livonia basement renovation

3. Clean out and check for moisture in your basement.

The best place to start renovating a basement in Livonia is to clean out and check for moisture leaking into your room. Basements tend to keep items you often don’t use around the house. Find a home for the clutter and prepare the space for renovations. You can give out things, discard in a roll-off dumpster or send them off to a recycling facility.

KDR Dumpster Rental provides basement remodeling dumpsters so you can safely and efficiently haul any basement debris. 

Once you dump the debris, you can assess the room for moisture. Identify and fix any cracks on the floor or the wales, both interior and exterior. For more accurate results, you can get a specialist to evaluate the moisture content in the room. 

4. Blend style and functionality.

When renovating your basement, it is crucial to consider the style and functionality. For example, go with waterproof flooring like the luxury vinyl flooring, which is durable and is available in different colors for aesthetics. Soundproof your basement ceiling, so the noise above doesn’t disturb anyone using the basement area. If large windows for natural light are not an option, you can consider artificial lighting. Depending on your needs, you can install a kitchenette in your basement area. 

Whether it is the basement windows, egress, flooring, ceiling, or lighting, it is vital to blend in your style with functionality when renovating. 

Remember, whenever you renovation a basement in Livonia, a roll-off dumpster comes in handy. At KDR dumpster rental, we have dumpsters for remodels in Livonia, whether it is the attic, basement, or kitchen. Contact us!


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