Guide to Recycling in Livonia

Guide to Recycling in Livonia

Do you ever ask yourself if an item is a garbage before you dispose of it? If you are an avid recycler, you understand that recycling in Livonia is a sustainable way to protect natural resources.

When you recycle, you put products in a loop such that it saves natural resources from depletion. For instance, when you recycle a bottle, you provide bottle manufacturers with materials to produce new plastic materials.

Did you know that it takes more than four centuries (450 years) for plastics to biodegrade? That is right! It takes more than four centuries to decompose a plastic that uses so many resources only for us to use for less than 30 minutes.

If you are interested in putting items in the “loop,” this is your 101 guide to recycling.

What are the types of recycling in Livonia?

A successful recycling endeavor starts when you adopt the right ways of recycling waste. And that includes going beyond to understand types of recycling. 

There are two types of recycling in Livonia, and that is single and dual-stream recycling. 

Single stream recycling is the process where you use one recycling bin for all the recyclable materials. That means you can mix plastics, paper, cans, metals, and glass in one cart.

On the other hand, dual-stream recycling is the type where you sort your items according to the nature of the material. For instance, you separate plastics and put them in their recycling bin. 

Dual-stream recycling ensures that you put recyclables in different categories and minimizes contamination. You will need different bins to make this process a success. 

Recyclable items in Livonia.

How many times do you use the recycling symbol on items to determine a recyclable item? I bet many times. Well, that is not the ideal way to choose a recyclable item. 

All plastics, for instance, have the recycling symbol, but they are in different numbers depending on the number of resins in the plastic. These numbers are the resin identification codes and are from one to seven. 

So what are the materials you can recycle in Livonia?

You can recycle fiber products like paper, cardboard, and paperboard. You can also recycle plastics, metal cans—except cans with grease and paints, and glass.

If you are unsure whether to place an item in the trash can or the recycling cart, you can call your recycling center for help.

guide to recycling in Livonia

Ways to prepare your recyclable items for recycling.

The biggest pet peeve in the recycling industry is the contamination of recyclables. That means when you mix items in the recycling cart with non-recyclable items, it is only as good as dumping them at the landfill. 

The exciting news is that you can follow the correct procedure to avoid contaminating recyclable materials.

The first process of preparing your recyclable material is to clean and dry your items, mainly if you use the single-stream process. For example, you might have dry paper materials in the recycling can, but grease or liquids in the recyclable cans can damage the entire load. 

Wash and dry your plastic containers, glass jars, and cans before placing them in the recycling cart. Also, dry and fold your fiber recyclables like corrugated cardboard and paperboard.

Remember boxes with grease and oil like the pizza box is not recyclable. However, you can trim the parts with no grease and recycle them. 

Ensure that your materials have no grease, oil, food residue, liquids, or paints. Also, in whatever you do, don’t place garbage in your recycling cart.

How to find a recycling center in Livonia.

In Livonia, Michigan, you can enlist for a curbside recycling program or haul your recyclables to a nearby recycling center. With a curbside recycling program, you only need to take your recyclables to the curbside.

If you need help to move recycling garbage to your recycling center, you can hire KDR dumpster rental. It is easy and convenient!

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