Guide to Home Renovations in Oak Park

The Ultimate Guide to Home Renovations

Chances are you’ve been staying at home for weeks, if not months-yikes pandemic! And you’re noticing one flaw in your house after another each day. It could be faulty kitchen appliances, broken cabinets, damaged roofing shingles, broken windows, worn-out carpeting, or even old furniture. Perhaps you need to extend outdoor living space so you can break the monotony of staying inside the house. According to CNBC, home renovations are on the rise now because of the shelter-in-place order.

The best way to fix all the damages in your house is by renovation. However, home renovations in Oak Park can be a hassle, especially without proper design and management. Here is an easy-to-follow guide to home renovations in Oak Park, whether you are going for a DIY or involving a remodeler.

Have a plan and goal for your home renovation

Whether your home renovation project is a quick afternoon fix or an extensive project, a remodeling plan and goal are vital. Create a scope of your house renovation in Oak Park and exhaust all the things you need to take care of when renovating. Write a list of the upgrades you want to do and the tools and items you will need. When exploring the renovations you want to do around your home, it is crucial to understand the remodeling projects that will give you the biggest payoff.

Get project quotes from contractors, professionals and the price quotes for all the renovation materials you will need. Put together all the project estimates and create a financing plan. Remember to allocate a percentage of your budget for unplanned or miscellaneous expenses. 

Get your renovation contractor.

Once you have a goal and plan set, you can start looking for your renovation expert in Oak Park unless you are doing a DIY. Spending time to get the right team to remodel your home is imperative. When hiring a contractor, consider their experience, project deliverability, renovation estimates, and if they have a license and insurance. Interview contractors to get actual project estimates, and don’t forget to negotiate. If you need subcontractors like the plumbing and electrical guys, you should source them yourself instead of leaving them to your contractor. Bring your team together and ensure that you are all acquainted with the project at hand.

guide to home renovations in Oak Park, MI

Don’t forget about the debris.

It is easy to focus on the project’s aesthetics and the outcome when doing home renovations. But to get there, you will need to pick and discard debris along the way. Make arrangements for a large dumpster container for the trash. Before you start on a home remodeling in Oak Park, assess with your contractor if you will have to demolitions and plan the waste. You can take the responsibility of finding an Oak Park dumpster rental or discuss with your contractor how you will dispose of the construction debris. 

Start with one section at a time.

Complete home restoration can include many subsections like the roofing, walls, floors, windows, doors, garage, basement, kitchen, bathrooms, attic, etc. Have a starting point and tackle one section at a time. Starting with one area will help you manage and keep up with the project better. Also, it easy to pack up items in one room for remodel than pack the entire house for renovation. Remember to make plans for temporary places you will need to use during the renovation, like the kitchen and a place to sleep.

Be ready for setbacks.

Do you have every detail according to plan and hope that your project runs smoothly? Even the most exemplary remodeling projects can have flaws. A mishap in logistics can delay the delivery of materials, or you may realize that you have more work to handle than you anticipated hence need more time to finish renovating your home.

Remodel your home in Oak Park like a pro.

Home renovations are indispensable, especially with stay-at-home orders. It is best to have a livable and functional home for your family. Hopefully, the above guide will help you handle your home renovations in Oak Park. When you’re ready to get started, contact KDR for all your dumpster rental needs.


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