Guide to Dumpster Sizes in Plymouth

Depending on your project, you may need a variety of dumpster sizes in Plymouth. And this makes it hard to decide the roll-off dumpster size you need for your residential cleanout or construction job. 

Also, this range of dumpster sizes has different prices, so it is crucial to learn about various dumpsters in the market.

When you contact a dumpster rental in Plymouth, the first question your receive is about the container size you need to rent. You’ll probably need to pick a ten cubic yard dumpster, 20 or 30 cubic yard roll-off.

Does that sound like rocket science? Luckily at KDR dumpster rental, we’ve put together a dumpster size guide for you.

Why should you care about dumpster sizes?

If there is something you should focus on when hiring a roll-off rental is the dumpster size. One of the grounds for this is that the right dumpster size can handle the job right. And this means you won’t be needing extra units or dump and return service.

Also, the right size will save you on your debris disposal budget. With the right size, it means that you will not have to overfill and overload your container. That’s because overloading attracts overage fees.

Last but not least, a roll-off bin size determines how much cash you will shell out to rent that particular dumpster. If you rent the biggest dumpster, it means that you will bear the highest fee, and the smaller the refuse container, the lower the costs. 

The secret to getting the biggest bang on the buck when disposing of junk or construction debris is the right dumpster size.  

What are the different dumpster sizes in Plymouth?

At KDR, we offer a range of container sizes because we understand that not all projects are the same. 

Our customer can be working on a deck removal job, demolition, commercial construction, or a community clean-up project. But, one thing stands; we provide unique dumpster sizes for any job in Plymouth. 

The dumpster sizes in Plymouth are:

  • 10-cubic yard dumpster

The ten cubic yarder is the smallest junk container that is suitable for projects around the home. You can think of getting this dumpster size if you are doing some spring cleaning, closet declutter, attic, garage, or basement clean-up jobs. This ten-cub yard container fits nicely on the driveway and has a small footprint. 

  • 15 yards dumpster

If you need a dumpster size between 10-20 cubic yarders, then the 15 yards dumpster is it. A 15 cubic yard roll-off is best for renovation projects around the home. It can be used for full-house cleanouts, yard work, demolitions, roofing projects, and much more. This size also can fit your driveway, so it is a match for any residential job.

  • 20-yard dumpster

The 20-yard dumpster is a versatile container that is spacious enough to accommodate small-scale and large-scale jobs. Whether you are updating a residential siding, removing shingles, disposing of bricks and concrete, or having landscaping debris, a 20-cubic yarder is ideal for medium-sized projects. This dumpster size can also be an option if you want to get rid of dense construction rubble. 

  • 30-yard dumpster

Have 9+ truckloads of construction, landscaping, demolition, or residential debris? A 30-yard dumpster is a refuse container that’s best for large-scale construction jobs. It can be anything from pool constructions or new home construction. It is good for large home cleanouts, community clean-ups, extensive home restorations, and anything in between. 

  • 40-yard dumpster

Any large-scale refuse calls for a perfect match container size and the why there is the 40-yard container. This container size goes mostly for commercial construction projects, disaster clean-ups, house demolitions, community clean-ups, renovations, and any enormous amounts of refuse.

How do you get the right dumpster size in Plymouth?

When you are ready to choose your rental size, you can ask our team here at KDR Dumpster Rental. We will be find the most reliable dumpster size for you. 


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