Bathroom Updates for Oak Park Residents

5 Best Bathroom Updates in 2021 for Oak Park Residents

Do you want to transform your…meh bathroom to a more stylish, elegant, and ultra-modern one? Bathroom remodeling is prevalent now more than ever. And to think that a bathroom renovation can bring a return on investment is worth considering as a homeowner in Oak Park.

Additionally, now that you have to be home more than before, it means that your bathroom is the haven to take a deep soak, rest, and relax after a busy day. So if you are looking for five trending bathroom updates in 2021, then read on.

Best bathroom updates for Oak Park residents.

1. Update the floors and the backsplash.

Do you need a Pinterest-worthy bathroom? You can renovate your bathroom floors and the backsplash. You can install more stylish bathroom tiles like the hard wood-like ceramics. Also, you can try heated floors to give you the spa-like feeling. Bathroom tiles are versatile, durable and keep your bathroom from moisture and bacteria. Additionally, the tile floors are easy to clean and maintain. 

With heated bathroom floors, you will not have to worry about cold feet every time you step out of your slippers.

As you renovate the floors, also remember to update the backsplash. The bathroom backsplash protects the walls of your bathroom from water, and it is easy to clean. There are different backsplash designs that you can try depending on your budget and liking. For instance, there is a mirror and marble bathroom backsplash.

2. Renovate the bathroom countertops

Another bathroom update you can do in 2021 is to renovate the bathroom countertops. Improving your bathroom vanity tops is as vital as any part of the bathroom. 

Luckily, there are versatile bathroom countertops to match your hardware and the rest of the vanity. Look for quality countertops materials like quartz, marble, or granite. Additionally, there are different colors and designs for bath countertops to make them more appealing.

2021 best bathroom updates in Oak Park

3. Install a smart toilet

Do you want to bring tech into the bathroom? A smart toilet is another bathroom update you should try in 2021. Like any other smart appliance, an intelligent toilet has sophisticated built-in features to make your life easy. For example, some have seat warmers, and they are self-cleaning which means that it has the highest hygiene standards. 

Additionally, some smart toilets are hands-free, which means they have automatic lids and bidets. 

A smart toilet is an excellent idea for your bathroom remodeling if you are looking for something efficient and saves water and energy. Also, a smart toilet is a perfect option if you need to save space because the number of plumbing fixtures is less than the traditional toilet. 

4. Apply warm colors

Are you tired of dull bathroom colors? You spend quality time in the bathroom, which means that anything to make the space serene is a great idea. A paint of warm colors not only makes your bathroom beautiful but also makes it stay cleaner for long. You can opt for a one-color accent wall or multi-color accent—this depends on your liking and goals for the bathroom. 

5. Install deep soaking bathtubs

If you want to experience the spa-like treat in your home every day, then you need to renovate your regular bathtub with a deep soaking one. With its shape and design, a deep soaking bathtub can be great for hydrotherapy, and it is also a great stress reliever. In addition, if you are looking to save more space in the bathroom and have comfort when bathing, you need the deep soaker. 

There are different stylish soaking tub designs to choose from for your bathroom. 

Are you ready to try the bathroom updates trending in 20201 for your home in Oak Park? KDR Dumpster Rental is always ready to haul the bathroom rubble. 


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