5 Ways to Live a Sustainable Life

The principle of sustainable living is that you focus on using renewable resources, reducing waste generation, and focusing on preserving natural resources. Living a sustainable life means that you can meet all your needs without putting future generations in jeopardy. Once you adopt the principles of a sustainable lifestyle, you will realize that you can lead a healthy and happy life without compromising the earth’s natural resources.

Preserving the earth’s natural resources may seem like an impossible mission, but it is attainable with collective measures like living a sustainable life. According to Eco-Friendly Habits, 48% of consumers in the country are ready to change their lifestyle to prioritize the environment. Whether you are planning to focus on a sustainable life or you are already a champion, we can all agree that this lifestyle has a ton of benefits.

Benefits of sustainable life.

A sustainable life helps you save money. When you live a sustainable life, it means that you are cutting down on things you buy and being conscious of the products you use. For example, instead of spending money on electricity, you can opt for a natural source of energy that is less costly and sustainable. 

Also, sustainable life can help boost your health tremendously. Eating quality organic food and minimizing vehicles’ use can help you attain a healthy and fit body. 

The most important of all is that sustainable living promotes environmental protection, which means there will be enough natural resources for future generations. Below are five ways to live a sustainable life. 

1. Grow your vegetable garden

One thing about growing your food is that it gives you a sense of satisfaction knowing that you are consuming quality organic food. Grow your fruits and vegetables and avoid endless trips to the grocery store. And also, avoid food products that use chemicals during production. Designate a few square feet on your property to grow your spices, vegetables, or fruits. You can use containers along the driveway, on the patio, or even on a small corner of your yard. 

2. Always reuse, donate or recycle

Another way to live a sustainable life is to always find ways to reuse, donate, or recycle items you have. Before you throw an item into the trash can, check if you can repurpose it, gift someone, or if you can upcycle/recycle. Search local recycling facilities and let them help you recycle properly. You can use online searches like the Eath911 to find the nearest facility.

3. Eliminate food waste

Here is a fact; 68% of food waste we generate ends up piling up at the landfills. When food waste decomposes, they release toxic methane gases, which are harmful to the environment. You can live a sustainable life by ensuring zero food waste in your household. Find creative ways to utilize your leftover food and always serve enough food. Plan your meals in advance and always ensure that you consume all the food from your fridge and the pantry before you go and buy more. 

Additionally, properly store your food to avoid food waste due to poor storage. Prepare and freeze perishable food products so that they can last longer without going bad.

5 tips to live a sustainable life

4. Choose reusable products

One-time-use products like plastic bags contribute a lot of waste. Since sustainable living aims to reduce the amount of garbage we produce, it is best to opt for reusable products. Instead of paper towels in your kitchen, you can use cloth towels. Also, you can replace plastic bags with reusable woven bags that are more durable and sustainable. Get a water bottle and drink from the tap instead of consuming water packaged in plastic bottles. 

5. Be water and energy-efficient

Another excellent way to live a sustainable life is to ensure water and energy efficiency. Get energy-efficient devices and appliances at home, install solar panels, insulate and caulk your windows to boost your energy efficiency. Minimize water wastage by using efficient washing machines, dishwashers, and faucets. 

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